Congregation Yeshiva Yaakov Ovenu


Mishmeres Shmiras HaLoshon of Chicago...
is an all volunteer organization of people who take upon themselves to be careful in their speech, refraining from anger and negativity for two hours a day in the merit of people who have an urgent need, whether it is for a quick and speedy recovery from illness, a difficult life circumstance or some other challenge in which they need Hashem's help. We gather together to share our collective merits to help each other.

If you would like to participate in this special and important mitzvah please contact Sheila Segall at 847-840-4269 or 847-745-8021 or email

Clothes Committee which collects and distributes men's, women's and maternity clothing free of charge

Hours by appointment.

Pesa Bas HaRav Eliezer Shtick Gmach [Shtick, arches for chasunas]

For any of these services please call Sheila Segall at 847-840-4269 or 847-745-8021 

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