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We are an organization dedicated to helping our fellow Jews, providing Torah and chesed to those in need.

Among our services, all free of charge to participate, include:

Torah Classes

Home Study Programs

YYO Singles

YYO Introductions

Better Beginnings [Relationship Enhancement] Seminars

Mishmeres Shmiras HaLoshon of Chicago

Clothes Committee which collects and distributes clothing to those in need

Pesa Bas HaRav Eliezer Shtick Gmach [Shtick, arches for chasunas]


Yeshiva Yaakov Ovenu was founded in 1961 by Rabbi Leon [Eliezer] Friedlander, z"l. His burning desire was to serve Hashem by teaching and spreading Torah, to make Torah accessible to all regardless of their daily schedule and background. Rabbi Leon [Eliezer] Friedlander, z"l spent 13 years at Hebrew Theological College as a student and some more years as a teacher before founding this yeshiva in the Chicago area. He taught in various locations throughout the Jewish Community, and taught over a dozen classes a week, free of charge.

Rabbi Leon [Eliezer] Friedlander, z"l

Rabbi Leon Friedlander

For more information call (847) 745-8021 or click here to write an E-mail to the Yeshiva

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